Terms and conditions for submitting electronic invoices to Peab

When you submit electronic invoices to companies in the Peab group, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The invoice must be marked according to Peab’s marking requirements
  • The payment terms are 30 days net from the arrival date of the correctly marked invoice unless otherwise agreed
  • Reminder fees or invoicing fees are not accepted
  • Any interest invoices must be submitted in paper form
  • Payment details (postal giro/bank giro) must always be included in the invoice
  • if your postal giro or bank giro details change, you must notify this by email to efh-levfakt@peab.se
  • If a seller intends to sell their receivables to another party, the buyer must be informed of this in writing in advance and a copy of the transfer must be sent to the buyer at efh-levfakt@peab.se

The seller is responsible for informing the new payee of the applicable rules regarding payment and complaints.

Rejected invoices
Peab will reject invoices that do not meet the above requirements. This is done via email to the return email address that you provided when you submitted your first invoice. If your return email address changes, please contact efh-levfakt@peab.se.

If an invoice is rejected, only a new invoice with the correct information and a new expiry date should be submitted.

If you have any questions, please contact us: e-anslutningar@peab.se.


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